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Sherisse Cohen

Dr Sherisse Cohen

sherisse cohen


BA Hons Clin Psych

  • A compassionate Psychologist who works with Adults and teenagers experiencing or engaging in anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, body image issues, self harm behaviours and relationship or parenting issues.
  • She focuses on helping people enhance their coping skills through her informal and relaxed style. Sherisse has been described a very approachable and compassionate psychologist.
  • She also develops and facilitates workshops for corporates and schools on a range of psychological topics. These workshops have covered topics such as managing HSC stress, Media savvy and body aware, managing axiety, developing assertiveness and Mindfulness for stress management.


  • Panic Disorders
  • Depression, Self harm
  • Anxiety Body image issues
  • Attachment and Parenting Challenges
  • Stress -work and study

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