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Travel Vaccinations Bondi Junction, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.


Invest in the best travel insurance you can for your next trip overseas, get vaccinated. Before you travel it is always a good idea to have a health check up.

Our doctors can offer up to date advice on reducing your risk of illness and how to prevent infectious diseases while overseas and upon your return back into Australia. Our medical centre Bondi Junction can provide for all your travel vaccine requirements.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Bondi Junction, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

GP On Ebley Medical centre Bondi Junction is one of the few general practices in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney that are accredited to provide Yellow Fever Vaccination.

Yellow Fever vaccine can only be administered by approved centres and if you are traveling through a yellow fever declared country it is essential that you have a valid vaccination certificate. Certificates are valid for 10 years and begin 10 days after vaccination.

As Yellow Fever cannot be administered with some other travel vaccines please ensure you book an appointment to see the doctor well before you intend to travel. For more information on travel health risks and which vaccines are required for certain countries please visit the World Health Organization website, click here.

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